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Night time aerial view of main entrance

Austin-Smith: Lord recently came runner up in a high profile bus station competition in Stoke-on-Trent, winning the public vote but not selected by the client.

The Austin Smith Lord team, consisting of JMP Transport Engineers, Curtins Structural Engineers and Hilson Moran on Environmental and M&E were supported in the provision of costs by Gleeds and Project Management input from RLB ,worked closely in the 4 week design period to develop an exciting and innovative scheme which found favor with both the public and their peers.

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© Aaron Pocock

Architects: WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design
Location: Whitefield, Bangalore, India
Client: The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL)
Collaborator: Spazzio Design Architecture
Project Area: 19,638 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Aaron Pocock, Sebastian Zachariah, Harshan Thomson, Wong Chiu-Man

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© HOK + Beck Group

HOK, along with Beck Group, has designed a new museum to house the works of Salvador Dalí in St. Petersburg, Florida. The architecture, greatly inspired by the great surrealist, “combines elements of the classical and the fantastical,” according to the director of the museum. The design speaks to the essence of Dalí while incorporating functional elements to combat Florida’s tough weather.

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© Anthi Grapsa & Konstantinos Chalaris

London based architects Anthi Grapsa and Konstantinos Chalaris shared with us their entry for the Piraeus Tower 2010 Competition, for which they gained commendation.

The cities of Attica and especially Piraeus is a city with a very low proportion of open green spaces to the number of its inhabitants compared to European standards.

Our proposal for the Façade reformation of Piraeus Tower intends to use technology for the best possible adaption of nature on the building. Using modern agricultural techniques in the construction of the building we allow nature to flourish with the help of plants and birds that already exist around the city.

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Retreat House by Hutker Architects

The Boston Society of Architects shared the four winning projects for the 2010 Unbuilt Awards with us.  Each year, the BSA sponsors this award program to honor and promote excellent design.  Any project typology can be submitted for review, as long as the project is either purely theoretical or an unbuilt client sponsored project.  The four winners show the diversity of the award as the projects vary in program, materiality and, of course, their design strategy.  The winning projects and teams include: Land of Giants by Choi & Shine Architects,  Playcloud by Nameless Architecture, Retreat House by Hutker Architects and Putting the Farm Back in Farmington by University of Arkansas.

More about the four projects after the break.
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© Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Architects: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates / Urbanist Architect
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Site area: 211.59 sqm
Building area: 102.22 sqm
Total floor area: 102.22 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

This building is a court house for a couple in Itoman-shi, Okinawa, Japan.

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© 3Gatti Architecture Studio

“The house is a machine for living in.”

- Le Corbusier

With this statement, Le Corbusier acknowledges the relation between technology/mass production and the new ways of living that the modern movement tried to materialize. For him the house was a static car, a designed functional object that could be mass produced. When the Villa Savoye was completed in 1929, 5.3 million cars were produced in Detroit
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University of Cincinnati
Campus Recreation Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo courtesy Morphosis

“Weaving as a means of establishing flow to resolve the site’s disparate staccato informs the principal strategy for cohesively incorporating numerous existing structures with the additional square feet of recreational facilities, classrooms, housing, campus store, dining hall, and varsity aquatic center, that are included in this new facility.”

The Campus Recreation Center at the University of Cincinnati ties together incongruous buildings into a unified expression. Both keystone and connector, the building encourages social exchange and harnesses flows onto the campus green.

Photo courtesy Morphosis

The edge of the stadium is repeated in the undulated shape of the housing component. This element forms the urban edge of the complex along the Main Street of the campus leading toward the campus green.

Photo courtesy Morphosis

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Gehry Partners, LLP
Cleveland Clinic

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
Las Vegas, Nevada

An uneven stack of blocks anchoring waves of steel and glass.

Photo © Michael Webb

The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is located on a prominent “gateway” site of the 61 acre Symphony Park development in downtown Las Vegas, at the corner of Grand Central Parkway and Bonneville Avenue.

Photo: Meaghan Lloyd

The research facilities, clinical facilities, and offices are located within a four-story block that has been articulated as a series of offset rectangular shapes in white plaster and glass. While not in the immediate view of the project from the corner of the site, this is the actual front of the building serving as employee, patient and public entrance.


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Porsche Museum / Delugan Meissl, photos by Michael Schnell

By David Basulto — Filed under: Museums and Libraries , , , ,

© Michael Schnell

Architecture photographer Michael Schnell shared with us his interior photos of the  Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, designed by Austrian architects Delugan Meissl. The project was completed in 2008, after being awarded with the 1st prize in a 2-stage competition back in 2005.

The exhibition space we see on these photos in contained by a monolothic volume supported by a steel structure, which spans 5,600sqm to a dramatic effect as you can see on the above photo.

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با عرض پوزش به دوستان عزیزم و دانشجوهای معماری مدتی بود که به علت دلایلی وبلاگم و آپدیت نمیکردم.اما این بار با تولدی دوباره وبلاگم رو راه اندازی میکنم.

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